Are you trying to create your online course to reach more people and change their lives?

Are you overwhelmed in front of all your knowledge puzzle pieces not knowing how to arrange them?

Do you dream of finding that perfect structure than will make your lessons meaningful and impactful?​

Consulting Course Creation

Want some personalized help to make your eCourse
move along and reach the level you dream of?


Sorry, I am not available in the foreseeable future.

The Matrix Package

Pick this if...

Your are stuck in the matrix of your knowledge, unable to see an overall structure that will make it meaningful.

What you will get...

You need someone who can look at all the 0 and 1 in your knowledge and concepts to extract meaning and structure.

And in clear bullet points... I will

  • Review your knowledge and approach
  • Review your participant type
  • Propose structure for the modules
  • Propose structure for the lessons 
  • Help you Set up your Course outline


1470 USD

The Spy Game Package

Pick this if...

You are prisoner of your created content and not able to step outside to escape your current structure and improve the delivery.

What you will get...

An external eyes able to make sense of all the information and rearrange the pieces to allow your escape and finalize your product.

And in clear bullet points... I will

  • Review your approach so far
  • Review all the content you created
  • Provide a detailed report with comments about the overall flow of the course as well as flow of each lesson
  • Provide detailed suggestions for improvement


970 USD

I can also help with the creation of the lesson plans and lessons themselves. Contact me to discuss possibilities.

Course Creation Consulting contact



John Doe UI/UX Designer
Breathe Travel
John Doe UI/UX Designer

As one of the world’s most successful travel blogs, my brain is constantly buzzing with ideas for courses and content creation. The only problem is, I don’t know what to do with them. I can create. I can follow a step-by-step plan, but I can’t do the bridge work in between.

I was amazed at how effortlessly Claire took the ideas from my brain and scribbled notes and put it into a logical and organised framework for a potential course. She had thoroughly researched my ideas and completion, outlining my competitive advantage and offering potential promotional ideas.

I’d highly recommend working with Claire, or doing her ecourse, so you can finally move your ideas from random thoughts and inspirations to a completed course that changes lives.

Caroline from yTravelBlog


Photo Claire Robinson Information strategist cercle (1)

Claire Robinson

Since I was 7 or 8 years old, I have always loved organizing and designing information. At school, my favorite homework was preparing reports and presentations. One of my first memories is a poster I did with a bright blue background and information about Nicephore Niepce, a French man credited as the inventor of photography.

And through my studies, my hobbies and my career, I always come back to organizing and simplifying knowledge into actionable bites for people to understand and get result.

​I want to help you share your concepts and ideas in a way that empowers the recipient and changes his or her life.


Course Creation Consulting contact

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