Blog Strategy Workbook


Find resources to help you implement the various strategies listed in the Blog Strategy Workbook:

  • Free tutorials
  • eBooks
  • Online Courses
  • Useful tools and softwares


Although free resources can be a good place to start, I think a quality eBook or course can help you save a lot of time by giving you a step-by-step and a support community.

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Monetization Strategies

METHOD 1 - Affiliate Marketing

Free resources

Course + eBooks

Great tools

Affiliate marketing platforms

Some programs have their own platforms e.g. Amazon, Booking... other uses platforms  such as

METHOD 2 - Infoproduct

Free resources

  • Introduction article about creating an eBook - read

Course + eBooks

Creation Tools

  • For simple PDF eBooks, you can create in Word or PPT and export as PDF
  • For a better design, you can create it using Adobe InDesign - It also allows you to create fillable PDF document for your workbook. I am in love with it!
  • If you want to create an eBook that works with different formats, consider Blurb

Sales Tools

  • I personally use the eCommerce Tool Sendowl - The platform is very easy to use, and everything is managed promptly - see options
  • For creating online courses, my preference goes to Teachable

METHOD 3 - Advertisement

METHOD 4 - Sponsoring

METHOD 5 - Membership

METHOD 6 - Services

Free resources

  • Introduction to selling services on a blog - read


  • I personally use the eCommerce Tool Sendowl - The platform is very easy to use, and everything is managed promptly - see options

METHOD 7 - Licensing

  • SLR photography Guide has a Good Introduction to Selling Stock Photography
  • Digital Photography School has an article to help you stand out and actually sell on those sites
  • SmugMug is a great platform to store your photos and manage commercial licenses (you set up your price and the system handles everything + you can set up for prints at the same time (see the product section) 

So many software for which you can create templates. Here are resources for a few:

METHOD 8 - Communities / Mastermind

A challenge would have more activities and daily recommendations and less group interaction. 

METHOD 9 - Events

METHOD 10 - Physical products

Free resources

  • How to monetize a blog with merchandise - read
  • YouTube Channel about Print on demand - watch

Great tools

METHOD 11 - Donation / Patreon

Free resources

  • How to add a Paypal donate button on your blog - read
  • Patreon vs direct payments - read

Great tools

METHOD 12 - Sell website

Free resources

Course + eBooks

Traffic Strategies


Free content

eBook and online course


  • Keysearch is a great beginner option for keyword research An intuitive tools that will help you save hours. See features

METHOD 2 - Social Media

METHOD 3 - Community

  • The complete guide to facebook groups - read

METHOD 4 - Forums

  • How to build traffic through forums - read

METHOD 5 - Ads

Free content

  • Paid search for bloggers - read

Course + eBooks

METHOD 6 - Newsletter

Free resources

  • email list building challenge - sign up


  • Everyone has its own opinion about which email marketing service to use... I use Aweber and have been satisfied so far.

METHOD 7 - Real Life Networking

  • How to netwrok at blog confereneces - read

METHOD 8 - Public Relations

Content Strategies

  • The Basics of Sales Funnels - read
  • The future of content & clusters - read

Time Management Strategies

  • Time management tips for bloggers - read
  • Productivity tips for bloggers - read

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